Growing in Grace

The World Doesn’t Need a Better Version of Me

Early in the morning, while light creeps through the blinds onto my comfy chair in the corner of my room, I pull out my goal planner and begin to fill in the boxes to demonstrate my progress. It’s how I remind myself of my goals each day. Some goals are more tangible (write a certain… Continue reading The World Doesn’t Need a Better Version of Me


How not to pray for your husband

Every month or so I’ll read another blog post that gives wives a list of ways she can pray for her husband. Many of these are very good resources, and I eagerly begin to add them to my prayer journal. But I recently realized that, though I had good intentions, my heart was not always… Continue reading How not to pray for your husband


A Prayer for Hidden Sin

Everyone encounters those times in their faith journey when each turn they make in their relationship with God reveals an ugly sin they had no clue could exist inside of them. This past month has been one of those times for me. Maybe it’s because I’m newly married. Living with another person often brings a… Continue reading A Prayer for Hidden Sin