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#FridayFriends — I’ve Wasted 30 Years of My Life

Today's blog post was written by my dear friend Tara McAdam. Tara is a wife, mother of two, teacher, and photographer. All of our family photos have been taken by Tara, so check out her photography on her Facebook page and website. I have been so encouraged by her friendship the last six years, and… Continue reading #FridayFriends — I’ve Wasted 30 Years of My Life


#ThursdayThings — Books I Love

I am a resource junkie. I love finding good books, podcasts, tools, etc. and sharing them with everyone. A friend recently told me that she wished I would write down all the good things I love, so this series is my effort to share resources that have helped let the Word of Christ dwell in… Continue reading #ThursdayThings — Books I Love