Motherhood, Theology

God’s Character Changes Motherhood

Each mother has felt that moment in her day (or maybe even multiple moments) when she comes to the end of her rope. My rope frequently ends around 5:30pm, when I’m glancing at my watch wondering when my husband will be off work, trying to keep our dinner from burning on the stove, and placating… Continue reading God’s Character Changes Motherhood


#ThursdayThings — Books I’ve Read Recently

We’ve taken several trips this summer, and one of my favorite things to do on vacations is catch up on good books that have been on my “to read” list! Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve read recently. Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler I had the privilege of being… Continue reading #ThursdayThings — Books I’ve Read Recently


#ThursdayThings — Podcasts for Women

Podcasts began to fill that void for me. It provided mental stimulation while I did mundane tasks like change diapers, nurse, and do laundry. It pointed my mind back to God after only having time to read board books. It centered my heart on the Gospel when I wanted to fill it loneliness, bitterness, or frustration. While I also listen to music and the Bible, podcasts are still my favorite resources for busy moms (or busy adults in general). Here are some of my favorite podcasts specifically for women (I’ll do a follow up post with some of my favorite podcasts in general later). I hope listening to these women encourages you as they have encouraged me.