Growing in Grace

Advent: Celebrating Seasons of Waiting

For the past several years, our Christmas cards held exciting announcements. We got married. I graduated with my master’s degree. My husband was commissioned as an officer in the Army. We gave birth to our little girl. We moved. We got new jobs. Every Christmas we were able to celebrate reaching another life milestone. Until… Continue reading Advent: Celebrating Seasons of Waiting

stack of newspapers

3 Ways to Pray When You Read the News

My mornings are predictable. I roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and wait for my brain to wake up as I scroll through my iPhone. After perusing social media, I open the Associated Press news app. I like to know what’s going on in the world, and the AP app gives you a quick glimpse of the news, both good and bad.

But I recently realized I was letting this app ruin my mornings. As I scrolled though headlines about natural disasters, child abuse, racism, terrorism, murder, etc., I would get depressed and even fearful that one day the dateline might read my hometown and that I would be the victim in one of these horrendous stories. The news terrified me because the evil in the world seemed to be running rampant, and there was no way I could ensure that such tragedies wouldn’t affect me or my family.