A Prayer for The Future

This past week, I turned in my last school assignment and ended my graduate assistantship. In two days, I will graduate with my master’s degree, and two days after that I will start my first job. If you missed it, that’s a lot of change. And it’s not that I don’t like change; I love trying new things and gaining different experiences. What I hate is all the unknown. What will my new coworkers be like? Will I be good at my new job? Will I survive the 40-hour work schedule?


How not to pray for your husband

Every month or so I’ll read another blog post that gives wives a list of ways she can pray for her husband. Many of these are very good resources, and I eagerly begin to add them to my prayer journal. But I recently realized that, though I had good intentions, my heart was not always… Continue reading How not to pray for your husband

stack of newspapers

3 Ways to Pray When You Read the News

My mornings are predictable. I roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and wait for my brain to wake up as I scroll through my iPhone. After perusing social media, I open the Associated Press news app. I like to know what’s going on in the world, and the AP app gives you a quick glimpse of the news, both good and bad.

But I recently realized I was letting this app ruin my mornings. As I scrolled though headlines about natural disasters, child abuse, racism, terrorism, murder, etc., I would get depressed and even fearful that one day the dateline might read my hometown and that I would be the victim in one of these horrendous stories. The news terrified me because the evil in the world seemed to be running rampant, and there was no way I could ensure that such tragedies wouldn’t affect me or my family.