Why she forgot to buy toilet paper

Because she was too busy remembering—
         To call the adoption lawyer, the dentist, the friend
         All the names of her child’s pediatric specialists
         The extra flesh she feels around her waistband
         To buy the birthday card for her dad and wrap a present for her daughter
         The items on her husband’s to-do lists
         To wash her son’s favorite robot pajamas, and her daughter’s unicorn ones
         The infant physical therapy exercises she learned
         To pay the tuition, to pack the lunch, to pick up the groceries
         The limited number of years, days, and moments she has to disciple her children

So when she reached into the top shelf of the laundry closet and found it bare, she cried.
         Because with all her phone reminders, to-do lists, and color-coded schedules,
         She had forgotten something as basic as toilet paper.

Yet while the plates she had been spinning crashed down around her, she remembered something else she had forgotten.

God always remembers.

He remembers to—
         Wake her up each morning with sunlight pouring through her bedroom window
         Paint her front yard trees in fiery shades of amber
         Feed the squirrels outside her kitchen window
         Water the flower beds she has long forgotten
         Sustain global ecosystems that produce her favorite oatmeal creamer
         Fill her bank account, her fridge, her stomach, her heart
         Strengthen her weak body and spirit to carry out her callings
         Bring to her mind all the ways he remembers her
         Shower her with grace when she forgets again

If God remembers to provide for the most basic needs of his creation, would he not also remember to provide for her basic needs? Would the God who colors autumn leaves golden hues and sunsets shades of pink not also delight in remembering to bring his children good gifts?

The same God remembered to give—
         Eve another son
         Hagar water
         Sarah laughter
         Tamar justice
         Jochebed a basket
         Ruth a home
         Hannah a child
         Elizabeth joy
         Mary hope

If He remembered to be faithful to all these mothers, then she knew the Faithful One would remember her.

Even when she forgets to buy toilet paper.

This post is part of a blog hop with Exhale—an online community of women pursuing creativity alongside motherhood, led by the writing team behind Coffee + Crumbs. Click here to view the next post in the series “A Question”.

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